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Question Block 3 (Illegal Drug Use)
One issue of import to, especially concerning the college-age demographic, is the potentially explosive issue of George W. Bush's cocaine use in his wild early days. We are certain that today's youth are clever and discriminating enough to tell the difference between George W. Bush's use of cocaine, and the use of cocaine by the felons that have been locked away for long periods during his governorship, but we want to understand the "weak" points of the issue, so that we can address them as appropriate in the course of our campaign. Here are some questions to help us on the way to greater understanding and higher intelligence. As usual, please feel free to ask more, and please let us know what they are so that we may integrate them into this list.
  1. Do you currently use drugs illegally?
  2. Have you ever used cocaine?
  3. Are you are aware that George W. Bush will not deny having used cocaine in his college days? If so, how have you come to terms with this?
  4. Do you like the "Three Strikes" laws, whereby repeat felons are locked away forever?
  5. What, in your own words, differentiates George W. Bush's early use of cocaine and that of the felons who are routinely locked away for the same offense, sometimes for years and years, or even forever?
  6. Do you think a tree falling unheard in a forest makes noise? Do you think a crime committed without being caught is a crime?
  7. George W. Bush says he has learned from his cocaine mistakes and has "grown up." Do you think it is possible for a felon behind bars to learn from his or her cocaine mistakes and "grow up"? More likely? Less?

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