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Project LOFT (Art Inspection) Past projects / Art Inspection
San Francisco Chronicle, August 18, 2000: "Bogus building inspection notices with the forged signature of city Building Inspection Director Frank Chiu have appeared on buildings in San Francisco's South of Market area, prompting an investigation by exasperated city officials."

Project LOFT, as posted in July 2000: "In San Francisco, a law passed years ago to legalize artists living in work spaces is being used by wealthy dot-commers to build thousands of residential 'live/work' lofts in areas not zoned for residential use. These new lofts and their owners have driven up prices in previously low-income neighborhoods, driven out previous residents, and squelched previously tolerated behavior (through complaints to the police). Announce (with 'official' notices) invasive 'art inspections' whose aim will be to assure that, in accordance with the letter and spirit of the law, art is being produced in these new live/work lofts. A group of artists and curators should actually conduct such inspection(s), with the media in tow. Possible slants: shining lights into windows of lofts whose residents don't answer the door ('Just hold the art up to the window!'), distributing underground pamphlets on how to prepare your loft for an inspection, claiming to be a group of curators desperately seeking work by San Francisco artists (since so many have left due to skyrocketing rent), etc. Aim of project is to help save San Francisco."

See also this like-minded effort.

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