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One powerful way we are asking American human people to participate in our efforts is by engaging in Public Opinion Polling.

As you know, an essential part of any Presidential election campaign--or of any campaign whatsoever, whether it be for a new soda-pop brand, an electric stove safety appliance, a cigarette that (supposedly) enhances "appeal," or what have you--is the Public Opinion Poll.

Public Opinion Pollsters are paid by campaigns to investigate issues of interest to everyone. In the case of a Presidential campaign, the number of such issues is nearly limitless. We cannot be concerned only with, say, the reliability of the product, or the ease with which it is absorbed, or the happiness it generates in the consumer. No, we must be concerned with such a range of questions and issues that... well, that it becomes simply mind-blowing.

Now professional Public Opinion Pollsters are very good indeed. They do know what they're doing, that's for sure. As a way of predicting the outcome of ever-important elections, polls are invaluable! But in the case of a Presidential campaign, there is simply no way that any delimited number of Pollsters can keep up with the limitless onslaught of questions, the endless deluge of issues, the stupendous variety of subjects involved in the incredibly momentous act of attempting to gain huge political power. is attempting to surmount these problems by setting up "grass-roots" efforts to poll the American human people. Now by "grass-roots" we do not mean the heinous corporate practices called "astroturf." (Sometimes, corporations will "seed" public opinion in various ways, paying large numbers of human people to spread feelings among an even larger number of human people, across a vast spectrum of geographical, cultural, and economic "communities of interest".) No, is simply asking you to help us examine issues of import to the American human people, by informal polling, without the proselytizing that sometimes accompanies it, informally or not.

Below are a few questions, grouped into blocks by subject. We think these subjects will be critical to our campaign at some point in the future--probably not too distant!

We ask you that you circulate these questions among your peers, and gather responses. We do not ask you to give us the names of the respondents, but only their answers. And we ask, for ease of processing, that the respondents be grouped in some fashion. Please let us know, when you send us your results, what the grouping is--female? Hispanic? high-school age? You may summarize responses, but especially interesting responses, that you think could help in this campaign, we ask that you reproduce for us in full.

Please also feel free to devise, circulate, or suggest additional questions or question blocks. Please let us know what they are so that we may integrate them into these lists.

We will eagerly await your results!

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