The 21st century's greatest crime is a corporate one
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Quit eToys! Past projects / The etoy Fund / the campaigns / Quit eToys!
Write to some employees of eToys and/or some employees of eToys subsidiaries (listed separately below) and suggest to them why they should quit. (See these sample letters for inspiration.)

Some eToys employees listed separately: (Felix Gallo) gone!, (Bobby Green), (Martin Dreis), (Colin Hodges), (Doug Cacioppo), gone!, (Brian Nilsen), (Marc H. Tamsky) gone!,, gone!,,,,,,,,,,,,

Some employees of eToys subsidiaries listed separately:,,,,,,,,
Other eToys e-mails:,,,, (public relations firm),
In today's hot high-tech market, it's so much easier to find a job than to fill one. All those new eToys vacancies need to be filled... and a "Trojan horse" isn't just software!,,

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