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FloodNet press release Past projects / FloodNet / press release
TMark afterword: This action generated a great deal of publicity, a death threat to Ricardo Dominguez, and a Java counterattack by the Department of Defense (which they acknowledged, according to Wired).]

   Stefan Wray:
   Ricardo Dominguez:
News Conference: September 9, 11:00 a.m., Linz, Austria
   (SWARM, Brucknerhaus)


A group of internet activists supporting the Mexican Zapatistas will attempt today (September 9) to temporarily disable the web sites of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the Pentagon, and Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo, by swamping them with demands from a system called FloodNet ( (Previous FloodNet actions have been described by the FBI as "worldwide electronic insurrection.")

$4500 in RTMark-solicited funding has helped to enable development, coordination and publicity efforts for the software and action, to be launched with a news conference in Linz, Austria, where the group, called the Electronic Disturbance Theater, is currently based. The action will begin at 9:00 a.m. GMT, and will continue for twenty-four hours.

FloodNet requires widespread participation to succeed, and the intention of ECD actions is to demonstrate widespread support for the Zapatistas in their struggle against the Zedillo government and its global economic agenda. Previous such actions are described at

To participate in today's action, or for more information, visit FloodNet at

Other Zapatista-related FloodNet actions planned for this fall are listed at  Actions against the Federal Communications Commission are planned for October 4 and 5; please visit for more information.

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