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'If he thinks he can' (anonymous, 2000) (open)
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'If he thinks he can' (anonymous, 2000) World / Corporate Poetry / 2000 co-winner
These poems were discovered by Missy Chimovitz, a.k.a. the Fifty Foot Girl, while temping in July 2000. As Corporate Poetry Contest judge Andrei Codrescu writes: "The Fifty Foot Girl has captured corporate language at its source, in its doughy form, before it was even kneaded by the MFAs in the PR department. Here is a toast to Missy's ear!" (Click here to hear Andrei discussing corporate poetry on NPR.)

Corporate Poem #1

If he thinks he can
Step up to the plate a little bit
On a go-to-the-bank kind of basis,
Maybe we'll find ourselves
In the same boat.

Corporate Poem #2

You can play it two sides to the middle...
I really want to know your thoughts--
I'm game to making some internal adjustments,
Because I really want to wrap my arms around this thing.

Corporate Poem #3

I want to have some comfort around
How we're going to make that kind of a swing.
We'll get the lion's share of this initiative, I mean--
It's go big or go home.

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