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Various links (open)
Chamber of Horrors
Four remarkable sites
Web resources for tourism
The Zapatista Consulta of March 21, 1999
'Chant to the OAS'

Learn more about CCAT Project CCAT: Make Cuecat useful
Various links World / Links
Citizen portal on corporations Chilling Effects (C&D letters) Are corporations really alive? Billionaires for Bush (or Gore)
Epicenter Revoking our plutocracy Centennial Society
Cultural Terrorism Agency


Most frightening book of 1995
(background here)
They Rule Trade Secrets Lobster Party
La Fiambrera Dinero Gratis Advocacy Center Media Access Toolkit
The Corporate Republic MS Linux ships   How to live with genetically modified food

Proletarian Outcomes

The Infringement


Changing the Climate

SUV Ticket

Some useful links Terminal Freedom
Critical Art Ensemble
Autonome A.F.R.I.K.A.
Is Globalization Inevitable and Desirable? Retrieving Publicness from the Privatization of the Globe
Bug Brother "If full employment is strangling your production..." Maquila properties! California Department of Corrections Los Angeles Independent Media Center
Protest.Net No Logo Prague Independent Media Center
A farmer vs. Monsanto Press Riot Hex Error

Press pass for you

ReclaimThe.Net Electrohippies Art/Activism Artofficial Construction Media

Bet the Farm!

Public Space Kit Corporate Accountability Project Perforations Endless corporate literature Eugenics image archive Maquila Guide!
Yuppie Eradication Project DigitalAngel Globalizing Democracy Union of Concerned Scientists
Itamar Franco Canine Cryobank Puppet Street
A Godly Perspective Ronald McDonald comes clean Factory Farming Direct Action Media Network
Particles The Institute for Applied Autonomy New York Community Gardens Ron English: Popaganda
Direct action for public space Nader Reclaim Democracy Canadian Alliance Party
Exquisite Corpse Market Think Guerrilla Tearoom
Freedom America Incineration: non-polluting renewable energy? The Davos Conference: Six Days That Shocked the World
Public relations grass roots Host an illegal Genetic Engineering Action Network
Adbusters Mateoland Biotic Baking Brigade Penn State Porn and KKK
No Media Kings Corporate death penalty DoS: tactic or crime? Reclaim the Streets New York
DJ Spooky Carbon Defense League Pie leads official to change his tune? Otherzone
List of United Nations peacekeeping missions currently underway in New York City Salon on commercialization THORAX CORPORATION LLC,,.
Adam Clymer Fan Club DHTML Credo Prologue, the Worship Leader... "for no-brainer access during a worship service or business meeting."

Greenpeace weblog

AOL kids Corporate Watch MapCruzin (mapping for activists) Public Information Research (Namebase) Bio-Trans Laughing Squid Copyleft
MediaSpace Against the trademarking of common words / A16 pictures South to the Future
Disinformation The Droplift Project Llama Links WIPO fails to grasp "Internet" concept
Alternative news
History of public relations Menwith Hill
Elect NOBODY for President NO LOGO Archive of hacked pages Experimental Interaction Unit
Bush Campaign Aid Solicitation System Drink Ceci-Cela! / Buvez Ceci-Cela! Katholisches Deutschland Genetic modification stickers

Design for progressives


Curious cards

Granny D (Dorris Haddock) Decadent Action NATOarts: keeping the world safe for art
Inspired by Wendy's
Alternative Euro designs
Guerrilla Art / Guerrilla Art
Institute of Sociometry
Bob Ostertag
Shell Oil
Multinational monitor
Frankentoons Kill the President
The Installation of George W. Bush Mallaise Thoughtwar
About the IMF, by its former Chief Economist Pochismo DoD Master Plan
Public Netbase (Vienna)
Democracy Direct Union-Trade!
Hypocrisy Entertainment Network
Advertisers Anonymous
Swellco & Swellco & You i-Boosters Steely Dan changes names Exeter street signs
Michael Moore on that Cuban child
The right to expression isn't given, it's taken
There is no free-market capitalism
Art Crimes Military takeover of Times Square Thomson-Craighead
FutureFeedForward Elections rigged! The great art takeover
This is not art
Mejor Vida Corp. The People-Centered Development Forum
CSPAM Just stop it. "You're In Bad Hands With Allstate" Retail Worker
Help us win in Yugoslavia!
Department of Ongoing Digital Situations The "Seth Jones" Manifesto
Cloning for everyone Tommy Hitler
Enjoy the Sign
Art is the petroleum jelly of the fuckers of the people (L´art est la vaseline des enculeurs du peuple)
Mail art
Forbidden Peenuts
Illegal Art
A Short History of Neo-Liberalism
Sound-Emitting Device Project
About DoS Surprise Passers-by! GNU Stanley Sucks Dot Com
Suggested Photo Spot Ultimate Prank Page
Art Mofo Universal Domain
La Playa del Carmen
Escape Mechanism
Discount Store Guide
Great Discounters speak
Workers, Fossils, Horse
AOL hacks
Internet pirate People Like Us Fringeware
Sting is bad
Anal sex
Australasian compilation
Steal This Site
Vitriol to new heights
Jamming the Media
Barbie & Ken Politically Incorrect Linz, Austria Alien Sun, "subversive and classified"
An idea that could really take off
Quit your job
Best Modest Proposal (TV spot here)
Art death, part 1
Terry Southern
"The Legend of Johnny Marijuana Seed"
Clocktower hacked

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